Tarka - Sponsorship


Tarka, the beautiful girl that simply cannot cope away from here. Tarka came from Bulgaria where she was saved from a garden which had seen tonnes of dogs kept together chained to old cars etc – many dogs had died and the starving ones left were surviving by living off them. Goodness knows what this did to our girl but she is one of the most timid dogs we have had. Many will remember the great escape Tarka made when we tried to place her in a “normal” home. She is safe and enjoys life here now; we have realised she is so institutionalised this is the only place the old girl will be able to cope with and feel happy. 

Sponsor A Sanctuary Dog gifts

Sponsor one of our special Sanctuary Dogs as a beautiful gift for a dog lover (or for yourself!). These are dogs who cannot be safely rehomed for one reason or another, but will live out their days happy with their friends at Dogs4Rescue. Your sponsorship will help pay for their food and veterinary care and keep them where they are happy and safe.

Included: A pawsonal update from your Sponsor Dog every 2 months via email. A Christmas Gift presentation card (we will email to confirm details you if you tick this purchase is a gift)

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