Mindy - Sponsorship


Poor Mindy has bounced around numerous kennel based rescues around the UK – having been brought in to the UK from Romania as a puppy into rescue, we blame the system for what she has ended up like. She is black so wasn’t chosen as a baby and she is now completely feral and struggling to trust. Mindy jumps all fences but never escapes, she wants to be near you but is too afraid to be touched. As far as we have had she has never been touched but will now come up for treats. Our hearts break.

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Sponsor one of our special Sanctuary Dogs as a beautiful gift for a dog lover (or for yourself!). These are dogs who cannot be safely rehomed for one reason or another, but will live out their days happy with their friends at Dogs4Rescue. Your sponsorship will help pay for their food and veterinary care and keep them where they are happy and safe.

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